Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Benefits of EDI

In the flooring industry, the use of EDI is continuing to grow. By speeding up the order taking process, reducing the possibility of human error, making the ordering process much more efficient, EDI is lowering the costs associated with placing orders. From just the financial side alone, there are many benefits to using EDI. Exchanging electronic documents greatly improves transaction speed and visibility while reducing the costs of manually processing orders.

"Setting up EDI with our Dancik system was a total success.
The process of ordering moldings is now seamless and
automated, and the time saved is invaluable."

- Darren B., WorldWide Wholesale FloorCoverings

Cost savings

  • Expenses associated with paper, storage, printing, filing, postage and document retrieval are all reduced or eliminated lowering your per transaction costs by more than 35%.
  • It is estimated that manually processing one order from first entry through invoicing can cost as much as $35 as compared to EDI’s much lower cost of approximately $2.00 per order. To get a better understanding of where the $35 comes from, check out the order process in the EDI video above.
  • Errors are almost completely taken out of the process. With only one point of manual entry there are fewer areas where human error can crop up. This saves your company time and money by not having to track down and correct errors.

Speed and Accuracy

  • EDI can speed up the time it takes an order to get from your system to ours by as much as 60%. Just enter the order once into your system and EDI takes care of the rest.
  • Reduce errors from human interaction by as much as 55% from ordering the wrong item, lost emails and keying errors.
  • Keeping your customers happy by reducing the number of returns due to order entry errors.
  • EDI orders get into production much quicker than traditional orders. Once the order is entered into your system, the EDI process will have it quickly on its way. Production on your order can begin sooner and get out the door much faster.

Business Efficiency

  • Automating these manual tasks allows your company to concentrate on more valuable, cost effective activities.
  • Gives your employees the tools to be more effective by having all the order information readily available electronically instead of having to track down a paper copy in a file cabinet or on someone’s desk.
  • Automating data exchange across the supply chain can ensure that business critical data can be tracked in real time.
  • EDI can greatly improve the effectiveness of our Direct Ship/Remote Warehousing program by increasing the speeds at which we begin producing your order.
  • By allowing for real time visibility of transaction statuses it enables faster decision making and improved responsiveness to the ever changing customer and market demands. Enables businesses to move from a supply driven business model to a demand driven model.
  • Promotes corporate and social responsibility by reducing the use of paper company wide. This will save money and reduce the carbon footprint of your company.

To learn more about the FCB2B EDI standard, please visit their website at www.fcb2b.org   

To get started, please email us at edi@artisticfinishes.com