Breathe life into any room with blended wood floor vents. We pride ourselves in offering a wide array of vents for all of your needs. Below you will find the types of vents that we offer. Know that the flush and surface vents are standard offering, and all other vents are custom to ensure the right width, depth and overall size is achieved for your projects. For custom vents, please fill out this form and email it to 

flush vent


Flush Vent
Installed at the same time as the floor, it creates a flush look for the vent and frame. Available for most major flooring lines, in standard and/or eggcrate grates. 
surface vent
Surface Vent
Easily drops into duct opening with the overlap resting on the floor, covering any rough edges from installation. Available for most major flooring lines, in standard and/or eggcrate grates. Also known as drop-in vents.
Wall Mount Vent
Replaces traditional metal return air covers adding visual appeal. Available in standard and eggcrate grates.
 under cabinet vent
Under Cabinet Vent
Blended to complement cabinets by replacing standard metal ‘toe-kick’ plate. Includes mounting screws to easily install the vent.
 corner base vent
Corner Base Vent
Covers duct openings near the baseboard, replacing standard metal vents. The angled face covers the entire opening leaving the detailed craftsmanship to be admired.
  Easy Glide Damper
Slides on to the back side of the vent using small flanges to secure the damper. Provides flexiblity during installation because the damper does not protrude into the duct opening.


Images shown are representation only. Exact dimensions can be found on the Product Lookup page.