Treads and Risers

We manufacture our products from the highest quality materials in a controlled factory environment. Our prefinished stair treads, risers, and starter steps are available in most popular wood species, thousands of stain colors and special finishes to complement virtually any floor. For custom treads, risers, and/or starter steps, please fill out this form and email it to 

Please Note: Acacia, European Oak, and Kempas treads contain a wood core material and are not solid. This is to ensure quality and stability. The wear-layer surrounding these treads are made of the actual wood species.

Standard Stair Tread
Suitable for a boxed staircase that is enclosed by walls on both sides. 
 Regular sizes include nominal 36", 42" and 48" lengths.*
  •  Tread is 3/4" thick with a 1-1/16" thick bullnose
  •  Tread is 11 1/2" wide/deep
  •  Bullnose is 1-1/4" wide/deep
Certain exotic stair treads have a different profile shape and dimensions than other wood species:
  •  Full 1-1/16″ thick across the entire face
  •  Do not have a "notched" bull nose
  •  48" in length with an 11 ½” depth
*Certain exotic species have exceptions. Contact Customer Service regarding exotic species. See form above for Custom Size Ordering.
universal tread
Universal Stair Tread 
Universal stair treads are suitable for open staircases where the returns provide a pleasing finished affect along the skirt board.  

Regular sizes include nominal 36", 42" and 48" internal lengths.*

  • Tread is 3/4" thick with a 1-1/16" thick bullnose and returns
  • Complete with 2 returns to eliminate confusion of left versus right when ordering and installing on the jobsite
*Certain exotic species have exceptions. Contact Customer Service regarding exotic species. See form above for Custom Size Ordering.
Risers are the boards that form the vertical face of each step.  This creates the "toe kick" area between the stair treads.
Standard riser sizes include 36", 42" and 48" lengths.*
Various thickness options are offered to accommodate most staircase configurations.
  • White primed risers are available in 48" and 60" lengths, 3/4" thick MDF board
Certain exotics are offered in nominal 48" lengths.
To ensure optimal fit next to the stair tread, risers are not distressed, hand-scraped or wire brushed, but will still color blend to the tread/floor.
Starter Step
A Starter Step Kit creates an elegant foundation for your staircase. The kit is prefinished and installation-ready, complete with the stair tread (single or double ended), rounded riser pedestal, cove and base shoe moldings. You can also order just the tread if you prefer.
Images shown are representation only. Exact dimensions can be found on the Product Lookup page.