Wood Species

Wood species listed in bold are currently available.  Any specie not listed in bold indicates we use a substitute specie (noted in parentheses) for that particular specie and 'stain-to-blend' to the associated floor.  All species are subject to availability.  Not all substituted species are listed.

A   F   R
Acacia Short Leaf   No species available   Red Grandis
Acacia Long Leaf (red grandis)       Red Oak
Amendoim (red grandis)   G    
Andiroba (red grandis)   No species available   S
Anegre (pecan)       Santos Mahogany (red grandis)
Ash White   H   Sapele (african mahogany)
Australian Cypress (yellow pine)   Hickory / Pecan   Sucupira (cumaru)
B   I   T
Bamboo Carbonized Horizontal   Ipe (african mahogany)   Tasmanian Oak (red oak rift sawn)
Bamboo Carbonized Strand   Iroko (pecan)   Tauari (red grandis)
Bamboo Carbonized Vertical       Tiete Rosewood (red grandis)
Bamboo Natural Horizontal   J   Tigerwood
Bamboo Natural Strand   Jatoba    
Bamboo Natural Vertical       U
Bamboo Tiger Strand   K   No species available
Beech   Kempas    
Birch Yellow       V
Birch Red (yellow birch)   L   No species available
Bolivian Rosewood (walnut)   No species available    
Brazilian Cherry       W
Brazilian Pecan   M   Walnut
    Maple   White Mahogany (birch)
C   Merbau (brazilian cherry)   White Oak
Carribean Rosewood (birch)       White Oak Rift Sawn
Cherry   N   White Oak Rustic
Cork Wrap (pecan)   No species available    
Cumaru       X
Cumaru Red   O   No species available
    Oiticica (red grandis)    
D       Y
Doussie (african mahogany)   P   No species available
    Patagonian Rosewood (red grandis)    
E   Pecan / Hickory   Z
Elm (birch)   Pine   No species available
Eucalyptus (red grandis)   Poplar    
Eucalyptus Strand        
Eucalyptus Carbonized   Q    
European White Oak   No species available