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A Picture-Perfect Finish Every Time

Artistic Finishes is proud to offer perfectly coordinated moldings, treads and risers that compliment your flooring with our newest innovation - Enduracor™ Digital Print Technology. Utilizing high-definition scanning and digital print technology, we can create a near-perfect match, ensuring your molding will look great and give you a picture-perfect finish every time.

Enduracor™ takes on an improved look with our new digital print technology while using the same great waterproof core.

Innovative Solutions for Your Finishing Needs

Digital printing is available on the Enduracor™ line of durable, water resistant and versatile floor products for select manufacturers, with more constantly being added.

Our products

Enduracor™ is one of the most technologically advanced accessories on the market, featuring our exclusive 4-layer design.

Layers   Water Proof Core
Artistic Finishes' exclusive Water Proof Core flooring accessory technology. The Water Proof Core is created with only the highest quality materials combined using thermoplastic, injection molding process to create a waterproof flooring accessory solution.
  Track Insert This provides installers the option to securely attach the accessory into place with the track system. It also offers more surface area for the adhesive to have contact with the accessory and underlayment, ensuring a strong hold to the subfloor.
Adhesive Backer
Our adhesive backer layer provides a high-bond strength that acts as a sealant and ensures a reliable hold to withstand typical daily use and provide years of durability.
  Decorative Layer
This layer has the ability to complement virtually any flooring line and is digitally-coordinated to look like your flooring line including hardwood, tile, WPC, LVP and LVT.
  Top Coat Finish
Using our nanotechnology and ultraviolet curing process, the highly water-resistant finish and exclusive top coat is created. Its resilience against liquids creates a reliable barrier, shielding the entire product.


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Enduracor Tread & Riser with Returns Sell Sheet


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Disclaimer: Because the printing process is different than the flooring print process, it is important to know that in certain cases it can lead to perceived variances in the color under different light sources. This is called metamerism. Metamerism can often be described when two material samples produced under different types of printing match when viewed under one light source but not under another. We recommend that you use warm home lighting (Halogen Lamp A, 2700K) to view our moldings next to the floor. We can get our colors very close to the actual floor, but we cannot produce an exact color match in all lighting sources.