Color Library


What is Artistic Finishes' Color Library? 

  • Our color library is a collection of physical flooring samples of specific manufacturer's flooring. Each unique sample is assigned a color number and floor ID. That color number and floor ID contain specifics about the manufacturer's floor, line, color, thickness and gloss.
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  • These samples are stored in "books" and pulled from our "library" to blend to each time an order is received.


What is a Color Standard? 

  • A color standard is a minimum of 4 flooring pieces at least 14" long, or a 14" x 14" sample board, showing the color range of a manufacturer's specific floor.
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  • Please note: wood is a natural product and subject to variation in color, character and grain because no two trees produce the same color or grain pattern. Natural wood characteristics such as mineral streaks, knots and grain variations are to be expected and are not considered defects. Therefore, our product is guaranteed to blend to the manufacturer's range of flooring.


Where do we get our Color Samples/Standards?  

  • We have relationships with certain flooring manufacturers who send us standards of their flooring as they add new colors, or update old ones. In cases where we don't have an established relationship with a manufacturer, we rely on our Distributors, Retailers and Dealers to send us flooring samples. Our standards are only as good as the flooring samples and information provided.
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  • Any time a flooring sample is sent, a completed Flooring Sample Submittal Form must accompany it. This provides us with the detailed information needed to set up the floor. Please note: the floor will be set up in our database based on the information you provide on the form. Please ensure you list accurate names and correct spellings in order to easily find the product on our website once set up.


What is the Color Sample/Standards set up process? 

  • Once our Product Development team has received flooring samples and a completed sample submittal form, they will set up the flooring in our database of colors. This can take 3-5 business days to process.

 Sample Submittal Form Image


  • Each floor thickness is measured, and our molding profiles are aligned to the floor to ensure the best profile fit is allocated. Once completed, part numbers and pricing will be assigned to each molding, tread, riser and vent that will fit with that particular floor.
  • Each new flooring color will be assigned a specific floor ID and color number and placed in our color library. When the parts have been created, an email confirmation will be sent to the contact listed on the Flooring Sample Submittal Form advising the items can now be ordered online.
  • We have over 15,000 active color standards that we audit 1-2 times a year to obsolete old and non-selling colors. To try to ensure we have an up-to-date color sample and educate our customers, we display the "color standard last updated" date on the product ordering page online for each color. If you notice an older date shown, you may want to send us new flooring samples to update the standard in our library.

color standard last updated


 How do we use our Color Samples/Standards? 

  • When an order is placed online for a specific manufacturer's flooring line and color, our production team will receive a shop order telling them specifically how to process the order internally. This shop order will list the color book number assigned to the specific floor the customer ordered. The color book will be pulled from our library of colors and used to blend the moldings to the floor standard.
  • The color book standard lists the color number, description, implemenation date (when we first received this floor), revision date (if applicable), and a general color mix formula.

stain bottles

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  • The general color mix formula for a specific color standard is created, but then tweaked each time to ensure an ideal blend from the raw wood of the accessory to the flooring standard. A floor may contain a range in color from light to dark. In these cases, our accessories are blended within the range of the flooring.
  • While we try to use the same wood species as the manufacturer's floor, there will be limitations due to wood sourcing and availability. Artistic Finishes reserves the right to use substitute wood species when neccessary. Rest assured our products will still blend to the manufacturer's floor when a substitute species is used.