Tips and Tricks Videos


Color Blending at the Jobsite: Flooring and Moldings
Bill Treiber explains the importance of sorting your flooring on the job-site in order to acheive the best blend between the manufacturer's flooring and Artistic Finishes' accessories.
Flooring Dent + Scratch Repair Tips
Repair and restore your beat up floors. Bill recommends a few products he has used to help fill dents, repair chips and mask scratches. 
Using Riser Material for Skirtboard
Sourcing the right size of skirtboard material can be cumbersome, but Technical Sales and Education Manager, Bill Treiber, will show you have to use custom ordered riser material as skirtboard.

Painting Your Trim
Looking to revamp the trim for your project? Bill will give you all the details from which prep products to use to sheen matching tricks. 

Enduracor Cleaning Tips
Bill Treiber shows us how to properly clean and care for Enduracor moldings.